Blog From Fishinger Road

Written by Greg Tidwell

Building the Church

Touring the great cathedrals of Europe, I was struck by how vacant and cavernous they seemed. These empty shells speak volumes concerning the spiritual decline of Europe and its repudiation…

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Engaging Culture

As the secular world grows increasingly hostile to faith, Christians may be tempted to pull back and avoid engaging the broader culture. But how can we be a light to…

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Keeping the Faith

With the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, we were reminded that Radical Islam is an enemy of every aspect of Western Culture, and specifically of the Christian faith. As…

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Equipping Children to Share the Gospel

It is essential that we equip children to share the gospel.  Older children and teenagers must know the way of salvation well enough to explain it to others. This knowledge…

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People Are Hurting

August 9, 2012, the Colson Center posted online: Many feared that the isolation and unemployment from COVID lockdowns would lead to an increase in “deaths from despair.” Those predictions were…

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