We’re waiting for you. With us, you have a place to be yourself, ask questions and discover who God made you to be. Community That Goes Beyond Campus

Faith, Fellowship and Fun

We are a refuge for Columbus-area college-aged students like you who want to grow as individuals, grow together and grow closer to God.


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Weekly Services

There are multiple opportunities throughout the week to connect with friends and worship with a Christian community. No car? No problem! Use our convenient van service to pick you up on Sunday mornings and evenings so you can ride with friends. You will quickly learn that this is a very active, engaging and fun group who will support you on your faith and educational journey.

We currently offer Tuesday night devotion and Bible study near the Ohio State campus, Friday night social and service activities, and Bible study at the church building on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. Please view events calendar for these events.


You Aren’t Alone

During this unique stage of life, you aren't alone if you’re seeking to better understand yourself, the world around you and the God who made you. It’s also natural to want to excel academically and make new friends. Our goal is to give you a support system of people from varied backgrounds who love you and will help you build a strong spiritual foundation that lasts a lifetime. 

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Your Extended Family

About the Church of Christ on Fishinger Road

This is a pivotal time in your life, filled with both exciting and challenging first-time experiences. You’ll experience a lot of joy, but you may also be confronted with difficult situations that make you ask questions you’ve never considered. Your faith may be tested and, if that happens, you need a group of people who will welcome you, encourage you to ask your honest questions and guide you as you seek the truth. 

We are your home for biblical truth and community.

Our college ministry goes back a century, and it remains a safe space for students like you who are struggling with your identity, need a place to belong, want to achieve your goals or have a desire to know God. 

There is so much life ahead of you. We look forward to walking with you through this next stage.