Long For Eternity

“The yearning to know what cannot be known, to comprehend the incomprehensible, to touch and taste the unapproachable, arises from the image of God in the nature of man. Deep calleth unto deep, and though polluted and landlocked by the mighty disaster theologians call the Fall, the soul senses its origin and longs to return to its source.” – A.W. Tozer

The feeling we all have inside, the feeling that there must be something more to this life, is not one that should be focused inwardly on our own selves – as so many have been known to do. We so easily make this world and the feelings within us all about us – and we make terrible gods. Just horrific gods – namely because no one else knows we are a god in our own world and we can not grasp why nobody else seems to understand that we are to be worshipped….well, at least in our own minds.

That feeling, that yearning, is not about you – it is God calling you home to His side. Created in His image, made to long for the eternal God, we all live in the long fallen world of Genesis 3 – yet living with a constant longing for Genesis 1. Thus, that longing is because redemption is at hand and available to us all should we seek it.

Today, as in every day that we are blessed to live, follow that yearning for your home with God in eternity. Long for Jesus and His embrace. Long for the guidance and beauty of the Holy Spirit. Follow the yearning for something more – just know that that yearning can not be filled by anything in this world – for we were created for more and that more is to be with our Creator for all eternity.

Find your way back to God, dear friend. Yearn for eternal things. #Eternity#yearning#God#Jesus#HolySpirit

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