Keeping the Faith

With the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, we were reminded that Radical Islam is an enemy of every aspect of Western Culture, and specifically of the Christian faith. As soon as the secular government was beaten back, armed thugs began a door-to-door campaign to root out any Afghani not in step with their agenda.

Ethnic minorities, educated women, and Western collaborators are all at risk. Many have been killed, or worse. And, especially, Christians have been targeted for their faith. 

And Christians have made themselves an easy target. Though only numbering a few thousand, professing Christians in Afghanistan have made a point of publicly confessing their faith. They wear the name of Christ at the absolute risk of their lives.

In contrast, many Christians in America keep their convictions a carefully guarded secret. The social discomfort we might encounter pales in comparison to the actual persecution of these faithful Afghanis. 

We should pray for our brethren in Afghanistan that they will have the strength to endure to the end. And we should pray for ourselves that we might never be guilty of denying Christ under any circumstance.

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